Wouxun KG-V55 Padidinti

Wouxun KG-V55

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Mėgėjiška nešiojama radijo stotelė, dirbanti VHF, UHF ir 3G diapazone


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This is Wouxun first Network & Analogue two way radio. It support 3G WCDMA and Dual band VHF&UHF transmit and receiving.

It is first analogue and Network repeater. This KG-V55 can repeat between Network and Analogue, Analogue and analogue. It also be used as telephone.

Large color screen

Public Network , WCDMA 2100X900MHz

Twin Modes & Tri Bands

Cross-Mode Repeat , Simcard Radio<->Analogue Radio, Analogue Radio<->Analogue Radio

Simultaneous Reception among three bands

Duplex work among three bands (one band TX, another bands RX)

200 contacts , Caller ID

Offset , Shift Frequency in Analogue Mode

UHF/VHF, VHF/UHF cross-band Repeat

VOX Function,Multi-definition for side keys ,DTMF Encode and Decode

Memory Channels 999,Selective Calls, Group Calls, All Calls

SOS Emergency Alarm

Lamp , Backlight , stopwatch


Compander and scrambler