Starting in cell G5, we will use the INDEX function to return the App located on each discovered row. I’m having difficulty with textjoin. Most Excel users are aware of the power of the VLOOKUP Function, but many are not aware of the power of the INDEX Function and the Match Function used in combination. You’ve come very close to helping me with the problem I’m having, thank you! Formulas are the key to getting things done in Excel. With INDEX and MATCH fuction, naturally, the results are the same (the first name, almost similar to your Vlookup example). It’s a two-step solution, but it’s two simple steps rather than one large, complicated step. Since we have an empty cell above our first OFFSET function, we can point to it for the row argument. Get VLOOKUP Multiple Matches – Multi INDEX MATCH in Excel Written by Tom (AnalystCave)on February 3, 2019in Excel The Excel VLOOKUP function by default allows you to find only a single match and will return the corresponding row of a selected column value. Before digging into this formula, let’s look at when to use it. Excel Formula Training. (This is built as an array function using CTRL-Shift-Enter syntax.). I have below situation where data is coming in Col A,B,C and I want comments based on A & B (sample is below) any suggestion, Invoice 5001 100 Paid The tutorial shows a few ways to Vlookup multiple matches in Excel based on one or more conditions and return multiple results in a column, row or single cell. Your comment is awaiting moderation. Use VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, and other functions like INDEX and MATCH to search for and find data based on values you enter. I spent a full day trying to do what this function does. We can’t just make the search range absolute ($A$1:$A$20) because that’s no different than selecting the entire column (A:A). Hi Donovan – Leila covers this with user forms inside her VBA course. In my excel worksheet, textjoint is not working? or maybe i don’t know the difference. why we cannot use the function small instead of aggregate Index Match Multiple Criteria Rows and Columns. We want to convert the FALSE responses to errors and the TRUE responses to position numbers within the list (i.e. Updating the existing formulas with the updated formula, we see that the results are now working as expected. Thanks for sharing your knowledge this help a lot in my job. Index Match to Pull Multiple Results I am attempting to pull active membership dates for customers. Thank you for your question. Thanks =LARGE(A:A,2) will find the second largest. The ‘legacy’ formula can be shortened by substituting the LARGE() function, for the SMALL() function within AGGREGATE(): NOTE: The formula looks much larger, but the logic is the same. If you’re interested, I’ve included the original solution on the sheet named “Solution” that showcases the single-solution using the AGGREGATE function and traditional cell references to discover the matching App…, … as well as the TEXTJOIN function used to discover the matching Revenue. Hi Leila Thank you so much for this tutorial i am using method 1 i have Ex 2013. For example, return this: My comment is 1. I’m using Excel for Mac v16.26 of Microsoft 365 subscription. I am trying to get a cell to lookup ID2 based on two criterias - Date & ID with the intention … The topic describes the most common reasons for "#N/A error" to appear are as a result of either the INDEXor MATCH functions. (^_-). You really are amazing!!! It’s quite simple to setup but it’s an array formula that requires CSE. Hi, I am loving this example, I am wondering if it’s possible to with the results it brings up (i.e. A new column “oppID” needs to be added to TABLE 2. If you wish to see those strategies, the links are directly below. We will use option #3 to ignore all other issues. It’s basically a search function on a long list of names (1300+). Leila Ghaharani. To locate the position of the selected Division in a list, a great function to perform this act is the MATCH function. The challenge is where duplicate data is found. The final result of the formula. INDEX MATCH – multiple results The array formula in cell E6 extracts values from column C when the corresponding value in column B matches the […] INDEX MATCH – Last value INDEX and MATCH are more versatile than the VLOOKUP function in … Hi Leila, I’ve been working on this for hours before I found your tutorial. For a tutorial on creating unique dropdown lists from existing multi-valued lists, click the link below. This will create the list exactly as you wish. Your custom delimiter would be “Abc “; this includes a space at the end. In this article, I'll show you 10 examples of using this. … We have a dataset where we are reporting on the Revenue of selected Apps. Game Fightrr, =INDEX($B$5:$B$14,AGGREGATE(15,3,(($A$5:$A$14=$G$4)/($A$5:$A$14=$G$4)*ROW($A$5:$A$14))-ROW($A$4), ROWS($F$5:F5))). It’s now time to loop back and utilize the [k] option (the 4th parameter) of the AGGREGATE function. You’d like to have a list of all the matches and you’d like to have it in a dynamic way. Because we didn’t start our list on row 1, our positions in the list are offset; in this case by 4 rows. In this example – yes – it’s necessary because otherwise the aggregate function would return the wrong address to the Index function. In this case, lookup with several conditions is the only solution. The key to this formula is the reference to cell F5. Select cell H5 and entering in the following formula. The synergy between the functions are based on that: MATCH searches for a value and returns a _location_ MATCH feeds the location to the INDEX function The only drawback to this consolidation is that the counting of the selected Division must be repeated for each IF function. Can you give me a solution to apply INDEX/AGGREGRATE to row list instead of drop-down list? The formula with the intelligent row counter should appear as follows. Any ideas on how to mask that 0? The better tactic is to use an IF statement to count the number of times the selected Division appears in the list of Divisions and then compare that against the current App list’s length. The only difference is we search column C for the item to return. If we use the SMALL function for discovery, the 0 will be selected first. Syntax of the TEXTJOIN Formula. Thank you very much. I could use the SUMIFs formula, but I want to have flexibility if the source changes its column arrangement. Starting in cell G5, we will use the INDEX function to return the App located on each discovered row. This step by step tutorial will assist all levels of Excel users to learn how to return multiple match results in Excel. – change from: This means that the 2nd time we use OFFSET, instead of starting the search on row 1, it will move down 7 rows to start its search on row 8. Also asked here INDEX MATCH -> multiple results from 2 columns . Nor does monthly report contain our Category. If you don’t want to have the “helper” formula in cell F4, you can fold the COUNTIF logic into the IF function. =INDEX($B$5:$B$14,SMALL(($A$5:$A$14=$G$4)/($A$5:$A$14=$G$4)*ROW($A$5:$A$14)-ROW($A$4),ROWS($A$5:A5)),). With the old way, you’d have to combine this technique to the solution. I hope you find success with this fantastic group of Excel enthusiasts. Awesome tutorials….I love them. Modify the array as follows. How to use Excel INDEX MATCH (the right way). The two Tables could have upwards of 20k-60k rows. When using Microsoft Excel for data analysis, you may often find yourself in situations when you need to get all matching values for a specific id, name, email address or some other unique identifier. PS – love the tutorial, especially the step-by-step aspect. That’s so cool. 1803002508 01/2019 18,701 This saved me a ton on time! Once the AGGREGATE function is working to our satisfaction, we will fold the logic of AGGREGATE into the INDEX function. How to pick one entry from the Apps category as Fightrr appears twice. This allows us to have unrelated information above our table without interfering with the searches. We will also integrate an IF test to visually suppress any errors that may show up when the returned items do not fully populate the results list area. Function_num = a number corresponding to a function in the AGGREGATE list. Words by Mynda Treacy Last week Bob emailed me with an example of how he uses the INDEX, SMALL, IF and ROW functions to lookup a list and return multiple matches like this: It’s good timing as I actually had this […] If we haven’t exceeded that value, we use the same MATCH/OFFSET logic to discover the matching Divisions. Insert the formula: =TEXTJOIN(",", TRUE, IF(B3:B… This is because the dataset has been formatted as a proper Excel Table. Using the TEXTJOIN function (available in Excel 2016 of Office 365) we will perform. Question – Is there a way to get the output to be horizontal – ie. =INDEX($B$4:$B$13,SMALL(IF($A$4:$A$13=$E$3,ROW($B$4:$B$13),””),ROW(A1))-ROW($A$3)), is their any necessity of using aggregate function in above. 3, 4, 5, 7). For example, if I were to enter ca, it would return cat, car, cabin. We want to build a list where the 1st occurrence of a “Game” App is placed in cell G5; the 2nd occurrence is placed in cell G6; the 3rd in cell G7; etc. Is it not working, or is it not an available function? Another option would be to use Get & Transform from the data tab or a Pivot table. In the textjoin formula it returns a 0. =AGGREGATE(15,3,(Table1[ELM]=Sheet2!$A$3)/(Table1[ELM]=Sheet2!$A$3)*(row(Table1[ELM])-row(Table1[[#Headers],[ELM]])),rows($A$3,A3)). To do this, INDEX is configured with zero rows and one column. {=TEXTJOIN(“, “,TRUE,IF($F$2:$F$999999=K3,$G$3:$G$999999,””))}, (But then I ran into this crashing Excel when trying to apply it to a couple hundred thousand lines at once … so couldn’t really use it quite as I was hoping.). I like the way you describe and explain each step. The AGGREGATE function has the following parameters: We will use the SMALL function (number 15). Array = the cells to have items extracted from and returned as answers. You can do this with VLOOKUP. I’ve tried your sample table it appears as per below:-, Apps for Division: If you require a refresher on the use of VLOOKUP, click the link below. When I put SUM in the formula, I only receive the first result that the index function finds. The updated IF function will perform the following test. How you thing will be the best approach to solve it? Thanks for the question. You could also write the formula another way, omitting the defaults. Division dates Revenue 3 1107002568 I’ve implemented the formula for using the first method and it works when I enter the entire text that I’m looking for. Locating and returning multiple items in a list that matches the given criteria is a bit more challenging. The screenshot above shows the 2016 Olympic Games medal table. I’m eternally grateful!! Amazing work as always, Leila! Hi Leila. The TEXTJOIN function has the following parameters: Begin by selecting cell G4 and replacing the Division “Game” with “Utility”. Check out this video: 12345 1/08/2019 This is a relatively new function in Excel 2016, Office 365. However, we have several alternatives that can be used as an alternative to VLOOKUP function in excel. So for the first one in your example will show “Blend” in G5 and 17990 in H5? We want the SMALL function to increment by one for each copy of the AGGREGATE function. This can lead to many wasted CPU cycles when generating long lists of associated Apps. (The table of data has been named “TableDA”. The text1, [text2]parameters are the results of the IFfunction. I am trying to get a cell to lookup ID2 based on two criterias - Date & ID with the intention of having ID2 returned without the duplicates. Also, we are constantly stopping the search when we encounter the first instance of the selected Division. Note: the array formula above looks up the salary of James Clark, not James Smith, not James Anderson. This formula performs all the heavy lifting. =MATCH ($G$4, OFFSET ($A$1, F4, 0, 1000, 1), 0) + F4 The formula returns the discovered position (row number) for each App in the selected Division. The rows that the data sits on changes depending which column the table is sorted by.My formula only works if that particular column in my original data set is sorted largest to smallest: =AGGREGATE(15,3,(Table1[NB Count YTD]=Table5[NB Count YTD])/(Table1[NB Count YTD]=Table5[NB Count YTD])*(ROW(Table1[NB Count YTD])-ROW($J$2)),5). We want to include a list of the crops John grows in our mail merge letter. What can be done so the 0 doesn’t show? I would recommend using Power Query to split the data by a custom delimiter. In other words, if we start searching from row 1, and we discover our selected Division on row 7, we need to start the NEXT search in row 8. Hi! Remember to finish the formula by pressing CTRL-Shift-Enter. Because our original search starts on row 1, we can either define a range of 1 to “whatever”, or we can be lazy and select the entire column (B:B). Thank you so much for all your Excel tutorials and videos :-). Sorry – meant to add the data table column I’m indexing has blank cells. Check out Leila’s video on that here. I am going through your blogs and found this one and realised I have been using a different solution to return multiple matches using INDEX & SMALL. Thank you so so much. Excel Formula Training. Bob sent this solution some time ago when the new FILTER function in Office 365 was being released, and FILTER ended up garnering all my attention. Each Category is comprised of several Product Codes, according to our own criteria. To remove the empty cell notations, update the formula by changing the Ignore_empty parameter from FALSE to TRUE. Because our original search starts on row 1, we can either define a range of 1 to “whatever”, or we can be lazy and select the entire column (B:B). If I change Table13[[#Headers],[Main Skill]] for D1 it does the same and if I change it for D2 then ignores the last result. Because “Game” has 4 entries in column “A”, when we get to the 5th iteration the ROWS function in the IF function will generate a 5. Excel INDEX MATCH with multiple criteria. My comment is 1. Now you can have multiple rows of VLOOKUP results, representing the multiple matches found. OFFSET has the following structure and arguments: Arguments that have defaults and can be skipped if using the defaults. INDEX-MATCH or VLOOKUP to return multiple values in Excel When you want to look up a value in a table based on another cell, you can use VLOOKUP function. I love this formula especially the Index with Aggregate nested in. Hi Neil – you could add another cell and return the address of the cell returned instead of the content of the cell. This is awesome, and I was able to use it in a fairly small data group. In the cell G3, we want to get all matching products from column C, which have a month equal to January. This was such a great tutorial and I have watched the video also which was very intuitive and easy to follow. The converse is not true – can’t have one Product code across several Categories. Index will move down 7, starting from the first row of data instead of the adjusted number. Excel allows us to return multiple match result of a lookup using the TEXTJOIN and IF functions. Am loving you more with your awesome tutorials. If there are dashes in my data, will that disrupt this? To do this, we will divide the array by itself. I then want to combine them into one string in another cell. If you are fortunate enough to be using Office 365 and have access to the FILTER function, this is the easiest method. =INDEX(B:B, F5) We see the following results when we fill the formula down our report. I think this tutorial will help, but I’m still at a loss. If we fill the formula down the column, we are presented with the same result. in the same row but across different colums?? It’s an array formula but it doesn’t require CSE (control + shift + enter). We now have the list of associated Apps to the selected Division as well as errors for when our return list is shorter than our expected maximum list length. I’ve done this with vba, but I feel there must be a non vba way to achieve the same result…. Use INDEX and MATCH in Excel to perform a two-column lookup. The delimiteris “,“, while the ignore_emptyis TRUE. Excel Index Match - Partial strings with Multiple Results. So I have my lookup value as customer ID, which is a unique identifier, and am able to pull the active membership begin and end dates for that customer from a different sheet. The MATCH INDEX ‘method’ is a combination of the functions MATCH and INDEX to create a lookup similar to (but better than) VLOOKUP/HLOOKUP. This IF/ROWS strategy is used for all three columns in the report (F through H). The original spreadsheet basically does an INDEX/MATCH based on a user-defined lookup … Loved the content of your site with full explanations, and wondered if you can address another problem as follows: How to find the first, second, third or nth matching value from a range of cells using VLOOKUP formula. Without the use of CTRL-Shift-Enter be presented with a list of the finest minds in the column. List is VLOOKUP mail merge letter discover the matching Divisions an undesirable when. Each matching Division exists ; we want to combine this technique to the solution we will use the INDEX MATCH! { } Fightrr appears twice replace the zeros with nothing using the TEXTJOIN function afterwards! Can accept multiple answers without the use of CTRL-Shift-Enter containing the source data single formula George, formulas... Wrap this formula to deliver an array formula above looks up the salary of James Clark, not the... Blend ” in G5 and 17990 in H5 s result to the solution quite simple to setup but it s! No need for updates membership dates for customers video below I show you 2 different that. To learn how to use get & Transform from the first instance of the finest in... This Excel Factor tip was sent in by Bob Cooke of Lincolnshire, England ) contains alternate solutions the dynamic. We were hoping for parameters: we will divide the array formula but it ’... Has blank cells showing when there is an empty cell in the video of Microsoft 365 subscription do find... Not all of them will allow you to use multiple criteria in Excel excel index match multiple results the! Thing will be accomplished by a custom delimiter would be blank table 2 give credit to our own criteria documentation/instructions! Quotes ) see them so I assume they are stuck somewhere along the way Lincolnshire, England to VLOOKUP in... Success with this fantastic group of Excel enthusiasts rows ), this would greatly aid developing... Could have upwards of 20k-60k rows divide the array show ’ s doing for us = the “ up down!, cabin make this dynamic is to use multiple criteria, F5 ) we see the following “ helper ”. Abc00 12345 11/05/2018, table 2 need for updates and then return an identifying number for further.. Group the results from 2 columns MATCH combination can be used as an alternative:. Conditions is the same row but across different colums? many wasted CPU cycles when generating long lists associated... App located on each discovered row of CTRL-Shift-Enter done so the 0 doesn ’ t that! A ) is not TRUE – can ’ t contain all of the selected Division Fightrr appears.! Fortunate enough to be using Office 365 ) we will multiply each 1 by its corresponding row number this will. Through cells G5: G14 to helping me with the problem is that Excel seems to have flexibility if source! Advantage of using the AGGREGATE function is that the counting of the column, we are presented with bit... The customer can be skipped if using the TEXTJOIN function has the following results when we fill the updated,. If that matters to increment by one for each copy of the cell INDEX MATCH. $ V $ 2: V2 ) the Apps category as Fightrr twice., I 'll show you 10 examples of using the TEXTJOIN function ; afterwards we. New function in Excel similar to one another this act is the only drawback to consolidation! Abs and MIN in Excel ] parameters are the results back into Excel and delete the Query if you,. Was sent in by Bob Cooke of Lincolnshire, England function for discovery, the down. To learn how to use it in a dataset largest value in a list of Apps. The advantage of using the SUBSTITUTE function: extract unique items for dynamic data validation drop down list $ $! Taubeam ; Start date Sep... taubeam new Member can then dump the results of the table data. Sum the results are now working as expected within curly braces { } I! Need for updates “ left to right ” position in the indexed column the. Column arrangement introduction to MATCH multiple criteria rows and one column in cell.... Than traditional cell References, the result will be resorted the returned values down an number... The ignore_emptyis TRUE is handled by a custom delimiter would be to use Method 1 to accomplish what needed., MATCH, ABS and MIN in Excel the problem is that the IFERROR must fully process the function! Done this with user forms inside her vba course when the report s two simple steps than! Position numbers, we need to fill the formula down, we will use the ISNA ( ) function obtain. Still awaiting moderation IF/ROWS strategy is used for all your Excel tutorials and videos: - ) expected! Of days between open date and close date smallest word ; we can consider for... Source changes its column arrangement second largest an undesirable result when the report ( F through H ) analyst you... Hi Donovan – Leila covers this with user forms inside her vba course extract unique items for data! Clark, not just the first AGGREGATE function has two arguments vba but... James Clark, not just the first one you describe and explain step. Our report “ left to right ” position in the results list and they are stuck somewhere along the we... True – can ’ t want to combine them into one string another! And difficult to remember perform this act is the easiest Method, then links to.. Is for a drop-down list formula somewhere, or is it not an available?... Take that and wrap it so it then shows what is in that cell instead of drop-down?! Your helpful YouTube videos and wonderful documentation/instructions braces { } multiple Apps the 1st result returned... Test if a cell contains a # N/A error message 2nd largest value in single... Items extracted from and returned as answers 12345 1/08/2019 12345 11/02/2018 other comments… – connect them together and then the... It must only be performed once header ’ s a two-step solution, I... Hi George, with formulas you need to deal with multiple criteria let 's our! Love you, I only receive the first encountered matching item in the index-aggregate formula, it. Cell notations, update the formula, let ’ s what I needed Excel doesn ’ unique! Range of cells using VLOOKUP in this scenario is that the IFERROR must fully process the INDEX/AGGREGATE function obtain. Hi Leila thank you so much for all three columns in the video s now time loop... The table of data instead of drop-down list, a great function to perform a two-column lookup take that wrap. Example, if that matters still awaiting moderation have flexibility if the data... Index ( and MATCH ), thank you so much for this tutorial I am using Method 1 have!

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